Mr. Mouse and his family

The house of Mr. Mouse was not like any ordinary home mice typically have. Its door was not a hole in the wall, his family never hid. They had a huge garden, with all sorts of plants: carrots, potatoes, salads, and a lot more the Twins did not immediately recognise. But edible plants were not the only ones: another part of the garden had beautiful flowers, big and small. Most curious them all was a Daisy, with a watering can in one of her branches. She was humming a tune as she watered her garden, dancing a few steps from time to time.

"My, oh my!" - she exclaimed when she noticed the group arriving. "We weren't expecting guests, the house is all messy, and there's nothing to eat! Mr. Butterfly, why didn't you say you are bringing guests?!" - she complained, and rushed away into a tidy little house. Its walls were white, the roof red, doors brown with a hint of green and gold here and there. At the back of the garden was a shed, painted white with a hint of gold. Its door was blue with stripes of black, yet somehow it all made a strange kind of sense.

The Shed

Mr. Butterfly knocked on the door, and in a few seconds, the door opened, and Mr. Mouse greeted Mr. Butterfly: "At last, my friend, you arrived! Come inside, come inside, we have lots of work to do!". Then, as he realized his friend did not come alone, he continued: "Guests! How lovely, we don't see guests around here often. Come in you two!", and he gestured towards the shed. The Twins walked in, and saw so many gadgets they couldn't even imagine exist. Jaws dropped they marveled at the amount of electronic devices Mr. Mouse hoarded in there. "Sweet collection, isn't it?" - he asked proudly, and the Twins could not disagree.

At the far end of the shed stood a big table with a computer and half a dozen screens on it, and countless keyboards and other input devices in front. Mr. Butterfly gave the circuit board to Mr. Mouse, who immediately took to his desk, and enthusiastically invited their guests over too: "Come, come, you must see this! We've been working on something aaaamazing here!" "Not least you must, because you helped me fix it up!" - Mr. Butterfly added.

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